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"Tay?" said Elsa.
"Yes, Elsa?" Tay replied.
"You can live in my manor......I mean if you want."
"You mean she can stay?!" cried Giuly.
This made Tay surprised to hear those words, but before she can accept, "Of course I'll stay, if..." She holds her hand to get Elsa's hand. 
Elsa was confused but gives Tay her hand anyways. Before Tay led her somewhere, she noticed the pentagram's still on Elsa. Does this mean she's still a demon? 
"Oh nothing." Tay led her to the front door. She opened it, revealing the outside world where her friends are. As soon she walked down, Elsa stopped.
"Tay...I don't know about this....."
"What's wrong? You can do it."
Elsa took one step outside, then another, and another, until she felt confident. "Wow."
"See? It's not so bad. Come on, I'll introduce you to my friends. You remember Roshi."
"Nice to see you again, I want to apologize of what happen back there."
"Nah, it's fine, I'll be okay," Roshi said.
"And this is Colby."
"Well, aren't you pretty," he teased.
Elsa chuckled, "You're too kind, but I'm already taken." She looked back at the top of her manor and saw her grim reaper, smiling down her. Her dark chocolate eyes sent him a message saying "I'll meet you in my room, my love." She turned to the three friends and cleared her throat. "Please, come in." 

Friendship has been spread through the manor, that immediately turned into a ball. Friends dancing, laughing, having a great feast. Tay wished that this would never end, and so did Elsa. 
"May I have this dance?" Squad asked to Tay.
Elsa saw them dancing and hummed along to the music. Suddenly, multiple souls glowed their way in, trying to light up the night.
Roshi goes to Elsa, leaning to her, whispering," this normal?"
"Oh, it's nothing." Elsa replied, while Roshi backed away a bit.
Tay gasped and looked at Elsa, as if she did this, but she's just standing there humming. The song's over, and the souls are still in the ballroom. Tay goes up to Elsa, "Enjoying the view?"
"I guess, you two seem to be having fun."
"Why didn't invite Kid?"
"OH MY GOODNESS! I forgot!" She dashes away to the West Wing.
"Wait! Elsa!"

The demon got to her room and he was no longer to be found. "Kid?" She looked up to the moon, closed the window, but felt something warm form her hips.
"Thought I left, did you?" 
She giggled in relief, "I'm sorry I took so long."
"It's fine, at least I'm here with you." There passionate moment begins. Until minutes later.
"Do you really have to go?"
"Yes, there's a mission I need to do for my father. But I will never forget you."
"Promise me you never lose me?"
The grim reaper gave her a black rose. "I promise...." He kissed her hand.
"Will I ever see you again?"
"As always, my beautiful demon."
They shared their last kiss, and Kid disappeared into the darkness. Elsa sighed. After all that trouble, after the madness, it was over, and it was all because of Tay. She helped her escape the insanity and pride within. 
"You two seem like a nice couple."
"Oh, it's you, Tay."
"Do you know where he went?"
"Off to help his father."
"Hey, I've been meaning to ask, if the curse is broken, why do you still have that pentagram?"
"Oh, this? Well, Sebastian did told me that if I learn my lesson, I'll be normal yet immortal. This means I get to live forever."
"Really?! But what about the souls back there?"
"Yes, I did serenade the souls, but not hungry for them anymore. Do you know why?"
"Because.....I have one as well...."
"You do?" She starts to glow, and so did Elsa, in bright blue. "I knew you're not like other demons."
"You're the reason I changed."
Tay hugged the demon, they both start to glow bright. "Should we tell others about the news?"
"What news?"
"You know, your soul glowing!"
"If you want to."
"Come on." 
The two friends ran back down to the ballroom. 

Day by day, month by month, the servants still working in the manor but happily serving the three friends, that now live with the friendly and talented demon. Occasionally, Tay introduced Elsa to the public and she never knew how free she felt. She's back drawing flowers, the ocean, and her grim reaper. She's glad that everything's back the way it is. And Tay's glad she had something new, a sister.


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